Stivi Stefani

Stivi Stefani, also known under his artistic alias of ‘Negastiv‘ is an Albanian DJ and producer whose interest in electronic music dates back to the 2000s starting with house, only to evolve into the darkly painted style of techno that he produces today.

His sound is comprised of the various sub-genres of techno complimented with a heavy touch of dark ambient and other forms of post-industrial soundscapes.

His productions are constantly going into unpredictable directions and evolving steadily, with the only everlasting theme being a dark, dystopian feeling that he incorporates into the sound universes he crafts.

Stivi has had several of his tracks released on labels such as Plipki Records, Stab Music, etc. But that is only a small percentage of his music, as he has several other unreleased pieces as Negastiv, as well as another duo project with Jurgen Kastrati called ‘Cadaver Somniferum’ which is going to be concentrated chiefly on experimental soundscapes.

Performance wise, he started playing music on private parties at first, to later participate in event series from Albania including but not limited to Plipki Records’ events, as well as the ‘Applied Pressure‘ indoor events, in which he partook in the management with the hopes of helping to promote and improve onto the local underground scene within Albania.

Stivi Stefani officially joined Underground Frequencies on 6th of September, 2021 and is now part of the current contributors, and the first one that comes from Albania.

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