• Psychoanalysis of Slavoj Žižek’s Anti-Marxism


    21 December 2023

    The top Slovenian “Marxist” is lots of words, but very little actions and values. For example, in simplicity you can find all answers – and he indeed is an okay philosopher, but Marxist is a thing that… he’s anything but. To be a marxist means to simply disassociate yourself of classes, nationalities and simply be a partisan. His quick throws together with Laibach, who I respect btw at North Korea are making some sort of sense, however his complete allegiance with NSK whilst completely forgetting about a region that is the most critical and dangerous from the former union simply shows an artificial blindness to the region that’s most complicated and dangerous in today’s former Yugoslavia.

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  • Happy Republic Day Yugoslavia!


    29 November 2023

    Happy republic day SFR Yugoslavia, our pride, joy and bright spark to all Slavic peoples, but most importantly to all humanity! As our anthem does equally speak to Russians, Ukrainians – but so does to all repressed peoples of the world, all religions, and literally all peoples – poor, rich, stupid, intelligent… to all humans.

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