Happy Republic Day Yugoslavia!

Published on 29 November 2023 by Andrijan Apostoloski — Bushi

Happy republic day SFR Yugoslavia, our pride, joy and bright spark to all Slavic peoples, but most importantly to all humanity! As our anthem does equally speak to Russians, Ukrainians – but so does to all repressed peoples of the world, all religions, and literally all peoples – poor, rich, stupid, intelligent… to all humans.

The Red Army liberators and the partisans alongside all the resistance throughout the world during WWII won’t be forgotten, and your name Marshall TITO shall not be blackened by heretics trying to divide us with our brothers and sisters throughout the whole world, be that Moscow or other cities in the world where your values and the beautiful things you’ve accomplished with our amazing republic – won’t be allowed by the peoples, be those communists, republicans, democrats or whatever really. Whenever fascists appear, it is our civil duty to humanity to give our fullest force and fight them, defeat them – and learn from those mistakes, so we don’t repeat them again in the future.

Now… after that, I want to include Camus’s saying about happiness and his passion of theatre, he says a lot of truth, maybe if France allowed him and Sartre to lead the country of the proud partisans — things would be better for all today.

“Happiness – after all – is an original activity today. The evidence is that we have a tendency to hide its pursuit. To see it as a sort of pink ballet for which we must apologise. On this, at least, everyone is in agreement. I often read, under austere pens, that men of action, having given up public life, take their own refuge when they are secluded in private life. There’s a bit of contempt – don’t you find? — in these terms of refuge or shelter. And with shelter, one does not go without that other thing: foolishness.

For my part, I know that, on the contrary, many men take refuge in public life to escape their private life. The powerful, for example, have often been unsuccessful in happiness. Therefore they are not softhearted…

…Ah, where was I? Ah yes, happiness…
Well, happiness today is like a crime of communal law. You never admit to it. Never speak like that, without thinking of evil, perfectly well: ‘I am happy’. Because immediately, on others’ upturned lips, you’ll find your condemnation. ‘Ah, you’re happy, my boy? And what do you make of the orphans of Kashmir? Or the lepers of New Zealand, who are not happy like you are?’… And immediately, voilà! We are sad like toothpicks.

Nevertheless, I – I rather have the impression that you have to be strong and happy to help people in misfortune. He who drags his life and succumbs beneath his own burden cannot help anyone. On the contrary, the one who dominates, and dominates his life, this one here can be truly generous and give effectively.

Here; I know a man who did not love his wife. This is not good, and it was him who was desperate… This is even better, for explaining. One day he decided to completely devote himself to his wife, by compensation, in summary, and to sacrifice himself to it. The life of this poor woman, who was endurable until then, became a real hell, seeing the sacrifice and the devastating devotion of her husband.

It is so nowadays, many people who dedicate themselves all the more to humanity – love it less. Her morose lovers, this husband for the worst, not the best. Surprise yourself. After all, the world looks bad. It is difficult to affix happiness there, especially, alas, when one is a writer.

However, I personally try not to be influenced. I keep respect for happiness and happy people, and I try, par hygiene, to find myself as often as possible at one of the places of my happiness… I mean to say – the theatre. Unlike some other pleasures, this one has lasted for twenty years. I believe that, even if I wanted to, I could not do without it.”
— Albert Camus, about happiness and the theatre

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