Psychoanalysis of Slavoj Žižek’s Anti-Marxism

Published on 21 December 2023 by Andrijan Apostoloski — Bushi

The top Slovenian “Marxist” is lots of words, but very little actions and values. For example, in simplicity you can find all answers – and he indeed is an okay philosopher, but Marxist is a thing that… he’s anything but. To be a marxist means to simply disassociate yourself of classes, nationalities and simply be a partisan. His quick throws together with Laibach, who I respect btw at North Korea are making some sort of sense, however his complete allegiance with NSK whilst completely forgetting about a region that is the most critical and dangerous from the former union simply shows an artificial blindness to the region that’s most complicated and dangerous in today’s former Yugoslavia.

Despite everything, here’s how you can judge him easily: Instead of supporting Sanders, he went for Trump. Why? Well that’s why – because he’s radical. In which way radical, I am not sure, but not in any left-wing sense of meaning. When any socialist and leftist of all parts of the world went with Sanders, he went with Trump because he thought he would be special, extra special Yugoslav Marxist – so much that he made his… Melania Trump blindness be seen by everyone. Now, Melania and Trump aside – I’m simply saying this: Instead of being a proper marxist, he’s lots of words but no actions with any Marxism, quite the opposite.

During that time, Trump went to North Korea and indeed there were some silly television crazes for diplomacy that only people with no knowledge would accept as truth, however in the background Trump was doing what he was capable of: being a celebrity or a showman, while not having any genuine results with North Korea or any progress than some statements he made for his US-propaganda watchers back at home. Friendship, indeed.

I like a lot of things about NSK actually, which in its core has this… radical expressionism and New Slovenian Art philosophy – to portray it as extremely nationalistic and a bit scary for those who don’t know, however when we dig deeper into the whole situation – they’ve attacked the wrong things, that today in reality show that even NSK themselves, from the north of Yugoslavia aren’t so neutral – and that by itself goes against any Marxist or left-wing ideologies of any sorts. No matter where they come from.

While he was loud and very pro-Kosovo independence when the Yugoslav wars were ending, he’s nowhere to be heard today – when times are most critical, and all region is literally on fire. Why? Simply because he’s in fact nationalist, not Marxist. He’s a philosopher, maybe a good one, but a Marxist he’s not. I’m not talking about Laibach, as that’s something completely different, I’m talking about some NSK things in particular, and their… well, very coloured stance in particular issues with the southern comfort of Yugoslavia. After all, we’ve deciphered that Israel’s embassy of Macedonia is located in Croatia for some reason, and apparently there was some artificial influence in Kosovo to further create blood-shed between innocent people, however those facts seem to be known by people around, and are left for us, innocent civilians to be kind of… at their own merit and artificial immunity they have from the legionnaires that are stealing from Skopje and Macedonia and boosting it there – in cultural fields, and some other nonsense which disrespects all Yugoslav partisans, Albanians, and make us look like monkeys.

Either way, you know, what I’ve realised is that a lot of innocent people live there as well, however like I stated before, Slavoj is nowhere to be found. Of course, after all UÇK themselves had some “bombs” about Trump’s wife, nudes or something, that nobody in reality gives a shit about, however Slavoj’s own blindness and Slovenia’s fake support, being the first country to recognise Macedonia and leave it as is, without genuine support and help – left us today to be a slaughterhouse of innocents and danger to everyone passing through this, once beautiful country and land.

Instead of shitting FIAT with NSK, maybe they should’ve shitted on Volkswagen? But why? Business is business – money is money – however disrespecting FIAT, which gave us our first own vehicles in Yugoslavia is the complete opposite of… what you should do. In any radical, non-radical or I don’t know what kind of expressionism, it simply shits on the people who’ve given us love, support – even in times when we weren’t the same in the governing systems, however we learnt to respect each other despite the differences and be honest, love each other.

The question today is this: How are we artificially setup to be slaughtered, with such disrespect to all religions on our dinars – which like it or not also shit on all partisans in Slovenia as well and all religions, the artificial 61-62MKD/EUR stability that’s always constant throughout history, and most important of all, slowly splitting this country in ways that create such horrors to all innocent peoples here, because in reality they’ve no idea what they’re doing – and that they’re actually pissing on themselves and their very own sacrifices – and the reasons why they’re alive. For example, me being an exotic motherfucker of Albanian-DNA father and Macedonian/Yugoslav mother, I’ve had the pleasure to witness both sides here, but been raised with Bosniaks, Turkish, Serbians, everyone really. A partisan is a partisan, end of the story. But I’ve realised that these artificial nationalistic politics are dividing the people while completely exiling the intellectual peoples across Europe. This wouldn’t be such a huge issue, if the country itself – the artificial zionist Russian roulette that turned everyone who is genuine diplomat and artist and is indeed radical in their expressionism and publishing of their soul – no matter in which field, be techno music, or simply gonzo journalism… be slowly swallowed by this pressure, invisible wall of prison that wants to swallow you… for simply expressing your free will?

Slavoj, buddy… Partisan is partisan. I see Slovenia is teaching us things now like we’re some savages from stone-age times, and your politicians have evolved so forward into the future, forgetting the fact that 480 partisans from the 2nd North Macedonian Brigade back in WW2 that died in Albania, from Bulgarian nazis and all across Yugoslavia – got replaced with Adem Demaçi, who was a separatist in TITO’s time, during Enver Hoxha’s dictatorship. Now, indeed, without the partisan movement – there wouldn’t be Albania at all, and that was a necessity to fight the bigger evil back when times were crucial, however such disrespect to Albanian’s difficult but resilient past with somebody who was… simply a nationalist, but is being portrayed as humanist… shows the one-sided view of Kosovo’s behaviour with Macedonia, when in fact, they’re also disrespecting Albania and all Yugoslavia as well.

Anyways, it seems it is forbidden here to respect our liberators and the peoples who we should be grateful for being born today. It seems that the partisans and the Red Army are forbidden, and this anti-communist manifesto that’s roaming every possible and genuine step to brotherhood and unity is slaughtered, whilst on the surface all those… institutions are painting a utopia-like pictures in some fields, while in reality, this country is squeezed of any cultural and genuine progress in art, culture and philosophy. However the same stands for Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria as well.

And you know what? This Balkanism page, the admin who runs it behind has PhDs in sociology or something, but they seem to forgot that… one of those eternal fires were dedicated to Muslims. Now religious or not, we are full with culture that’s not Slavic by itself, in remembering our Yugoslav Republic day, we’ve uploaded some Roma music from Yugoslavia, more particularly Šaban Bajramović’s joyful and such beautiful Roma-folk, world album called “Ja Sam Momče Iz Jugoslavije” – translated to I’m A Boy From Yugoslavia.

Now, the anti-TITO and anti-partisan claws have shown themselves in genuine action, with these… well, artificial ways of silencing people like myself, however what I’m questioning is not why these elements are allowed to breath today in this land, but are these people around even aware of what they’re doing? Not recognising Palestine, however only being loud for Israeli democracy? Don’t they know that simply by that, they’re disrespecting all Israeli, and being puppets – and nobody above in Europe neither NATO respects that? Do they know they’ve went to respect nazis like Tsar Boris III and Balli Kombëtar, and pissed on all Albanian sacrifices, depicting these people a nationalistic idea, when in fact, they’re… kind of, disrespecting their own? Now when I got awake and realised the whole situation, I got scared.

Not for myself, as my loyalty is indeed untouched, but because we’ve sold sacrifices that have no cost. Now, you know, I don’t know why TITO took us – because our fight here was a bit different than the rest of Yugoslavia above, but he chose to do that – and gave us a country, government for the first time. Now a nation, peoples and a government and borders are completely different things, and some people here have been stuck like they artificially wanted to create as much as many problems possible – as soon as they got independent from Yugoslavia, with the Virgina sun, with Ancient Macedonians — while not realising that the Macedonian communists which sacrificed themselves prior in the Spanish Civil War, our partisans are those who are respected. About ancient, I think the Greeks can teach us, and about other things – our friends, genuine allies in heart can give us help, however we’ve seem to be… jumping for that money, on all places and slowly selling things that have no cost, thinking that we’ll blame… who, other than ourselves?

This same natsi was calling to bomb Belgrade before the Kosovo police arrested any suspects back when the last incident happened few months ago. BTW, did you know that the Germans have double immunity Skopje-Prishtina? Yep! Observe their embassies and everything will become clear to you.

My question to you, directly mister Marxist blah-blah from the North of the Southern Comfort, is this: How do you perceive this nationalism and anti-partisan, anti-TITO movement by NATO nazis, and how do you mister… well, mister in luxury indeed Žižek, perceive TITO? Was he a Yugoslav, or Croat-Slovene? I am not sure he was an atheist per se, in traditional sense of the word, but I am certain he wasn’t religious, as that’s how he was able to protect us all – as much as he knew how to? I am not talking about the present, about the Yugoslav wars or what happened after he died, or of course during his later years when he was old and vulnerable?

Now friends, I am not sure how the world sees this, or how they’re going to change whole history be repainted and make TITO a dictator, when he was anything but (of course, not an angel, but anything but a dictator, right? 🌸) while slowly having the nazis bring up their claws, and every elements that people with intellect have given these sad, incapable people – they’ve only put to trash because of their fear, and have further blackened names which are to be respected, as they’ve given us all the elements to liberate all innocents, and they’ve used to triangulate and blacken all of us here, all.

Now Bulgarians, I know with my heart as I’ve had a half-Bulgarian girlfriend and been in the opposite in Varna, are genuine people who are respectful, very honest and beautiful folks who have nothing to do with their nationalist and brainwashed politicians, actually putting themselves above their liberators – the Red Army from their inability to understand politics and that “anti-communist” bullshit statement from EU, which was simply non-sense that these savages have taken as granted, when in matter of fact, very few here understand what 🇪🇺 EU is, what NATO is, etc. For example, the police itself goes stating everyone using VPNs is a potential cyber-criminal because of silly high-school fake bombs, while France itself is facing so serious threats all the time, and they have one of the most secure privacy laws when it comes to internet freedom, as do all countries of European Union. So, my question is, why do the politicians do the opposite of what the 🇪🇺 EU laws state: Is it because of jumping high from someone in the black, or is it because they’re honestly incapable of reading few articles in English, understand how all EU and NATO works, and understand we’re in such a crucial geopolitical location in this region, that we’re actually… very powerful, very powerful – without needing to bow down to anyone, especially if we align with our friends – despite politics, and show EU a lesson of ours?

So Slavoj, you know, I can be a… I don’t know, whatever, but if you come here in the south of Yugoslavia… and try to express your love for our beautiful land, you shall not only be targeted, but you shall be processed and if not knowledgable to make the whole ordeal known to all world, you might even die. And all… you know, leftist movements who aren’t genuine and have no ability to bring any sort of partisan and genuine Yugoslav movements are being left to breath, as they’re no threat – they have no substance sadly, and no power to progress.

The issue I have is that this democracy and utopia that’s being portrayed is actually everything but. However, dictatorship of free will and expressionism of the soul itself is in fact the most… sad, inhumane and simply black heretic politics that have came to my realisation, especially as murdering of our own souls, and slaughtering of our own innocent people is… well, suicide. Artificial suicide to sparks that never would want to give up on life, or have any sort of depression, despite the papers stating it’s depression as a diagnosis – the paper in this country is simply worthless.

If you haven’t observed… we are literally, literally pissing on everybody. We haven’t made one statement when Morocco earthquakes happened, we are slaughtering muslims by being… simply heretics of another sort, and not only that – on our dinar bills you’ll see we’re pissing on all humanity and religions. How is the world not able to simply push these savages into the right direction, or we’re made to be a black hole, not realising that everyone will be swallowed as well, from the energetic fields happening around? Especially as, we, Macedonians as our neighbours have been through hardships before, but music and simply being resilient, joyful and welcoming, warm people have been part of our history and cultural DNA since we know of our existence?

Now friends, Slavoj Žižek – after so many years have passed since… independence? Independence from our birth? Okay, so after so many years have passed, I’m curious if 10 days of war versus 32 of invisible but genuine war against genuine partisans and simply free-thinkers is… fair? Also, it seems from communists – everyone seems to be religious now? But from the two most present religions, orthodox christians and muslims, we have not even recognised Palestine? Wild. And we’re asking ourselves why aren’t we recognised by the other Orthodox Institutions, or whatever they’re called, those political peoples. Either way, now I know why. But my question is this: What about the present, the future, and the day after that? For example, me a communist – not religious, but not atheist per se, is such a danger to society – while I’m the one observing we’re so incorrect with all religions, it frightens me that somebody is going to come from who knows where, and nuke us all? Beyond the issue that we’ve sold Red Army heritage that’s not our own to sell – for any money at all, and other things which I’ve no idea how these politicians will… simply… justify before the bosses – not the sheriffs and dick-sucking here, because that’s apparently done from every possible side, and we’re left to blame someone who’s not at all responsible to take the blame. Wild.

p.s. did you know that our 🇲🇰 Macedonian version of “internationally renowned German medium” Deutsche Welle is inventing gonzo journalism, but in 2023?
Yeah. SF – SN, indeed. It would be good if genuine fascism existed here, but this in this land is anything but. This is… simply… bizarre, coward and heretic-land where nobody takes responsibility for their actions, lol.

With salty regards, and awe of this blackening of your own brothers and sisters,
Andrijan Kalashnikov

Published With Approval from The Marshall's Office with unique-ID №3879 on 21 December 2023
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