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Jensen Interceptor & Viikatory — I Just Want 2 Dance

Written on 7 April 2022 by Andrijan Apostoloski — Bushi

The Australian producer Jensen Interceptor drops a power electro EP together with with Belarusian artist Viikatory. They’ve sonically shaped a dark but very lucid sound with two 4/4 and two electro tracks, all of which are powerful and as the label says themselves: breakneck party starters.

B2B’ enters slow, a helicopter sounding bass with the vocals slapping you, whilst the whole evolution builds up the track until the arpeggiated synth of Jensen’s signature sound palette appears. The track is a 4/4 blaster afterwards with elements appearing and hiding, whilst the structure holds on the chopper bass, lead, flared with the repetitive ‘back-to-back’ vocals.

The following ‘Getup!’ is a different story, it enters like a madman on a rave dance-floor, phat and full of substance, but be it muscle and not fat. As we’re introduced with the elements, a synth which is catchy but in its own way dark enters the image, followed by pads and other elements throughout. Definitely a banger on the dance-floor.

Drop n’ shake’ is another four-to-the-four banger, introduced with a very cheeky philosophy. As it evolves forward, the Prodigy-like high pitched vocals enter, however the track still remains to be dry at that point. When the synths are introduced, you’re instantly moved into Jensen’ and Viikatory’s sonic universe, dark but with the groove as the main theme.

At this point we’re now comfortable in the warm darkness these fellas have created for us. You will be surprised with the last track ‘I Just Want 2 Dance’ when you’ll feel the bass slapping your face, an evident and constant signature of Jensen’s which made his sound so recognizable and put him apart of others, when it comes to signatures in the whole electronic music scene. This is a certified electro banger!

The EP was released on 5th of April, and is available on International Chrome’s Bandcamp page — an imprint label run by Jensen Interceptor himself.

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